The Local 830 Travelling Duffle Bag! NEW!!


Many of our members travel to other countries, either for pleasure or personal business throughout the year. We know that some of these countries are in need of certain items that are too costly to purchase.
Starting January 2,2018, Unifor 830 will be offering a Unifor bag loaded with $100.00 worth of special items, to be taken to donate anywhere other than Winnipeg.
This would be offered as a one time per member offer. Members will put their name forward by coming to a Local meeting to tell us where and when they are going to receive the bag. Upon return they will come to a Local meeting and tell us the story and provide a picture of the donation.

Anyone interested please come to the next Local Meeting!

Thanks from your Local Executive!

The first of ten duffle bags filled with $100.00 worth of much needed supplies will be headed to Cuba in January of 2018 with our Local 830 member Brother Dan Rugg. He made his presentation during the November general meeting and we are looking forward to his photos and stories of the family he will be donating it to on behalf of Unifor local 830. He will get to tell us all about it in the February general meeting. We can hardly wait to hear all about it.