About Unifor

Unifor Local  830 is a composite local Union that represents employees working at Epak Inc, Winpak Ltd and Amercian Biaxis Inc.  We are over 500 members strong and some units have been united together for over 30 years.

Unifor Local 830 promotes a safe and harassment free workplace as well as a strict policy of behaviour for our officers, representatives and all members while either in the workplace or union sponsored events.  No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

Unifor Local 830 negotiates pay increases, job security, shorter work time, better pensions, sick leave, accident and life insurance, vacations, parental leave, health and safety protection, employee assistance plans for personal and family problems, grievance procedures, and lots more.  Members get professional representation, be it at the collective bargaining table or at grievance hearings.

Local 830 is part of the Unifor Union of Canada.Unifor is one of Canada’s largest unions, representing all kinds of workers, from one end of the country to the other.  We work at pulp and paper mills, telephone companies, in the oil, gas, chemical and mining industries. We are printers, journalists, radio, TV broadcasters, graphic artists, hotel workers, IT workers and truck drivers – you name it, Unifor members do it.

Unifor union was formed in 2013, through a merger of C.A.W and C.E.P in Toronto Labour Day long weekend

Our union education program includes training for union stewards, union leadership seminars and workshops for local treasurers.

Unifor Local 830 places a high priority on the health and safety of its members. We provide expert advice to locals, and assist members on health and safety issues.  Special committees for women, young workers, and equity-seeking groups work to break down barriers to equality at work, at home and in the community by confronting issues such as harassment, pay inequity and other forms of discrimination.

We lobby at various levels of government to change and improve unfair policies and programs. Developing a clear position on issues of concern, not only to our members, but to all Canadians, requires in-depth research and analysis. Unifor has policy papers on the major sectors of the economy where we represent members: forest, energy, telecommunications, and media. The research department also provides the union with information about the companies we bargain with..

Unifor is also affiliated with various international organizations that keep track of the activities of multinational companies.  It’s easy to see why workers want to join Unifor.That’s why we’re busy unionizing new workplaces all the time.