A message from the President! NEW!!

Unifor Local 830 President’s Message

The start of 2019 has brought with it more than just cold weather. We have also seen several changes to our Executive Board here at Local 830. We welcome Joshua Saunders as our new Financial Secretary and Jim Edinborough as our newest Trustee. We also welcome Ryan Galbraith back to his familiar role as Recording Secretary.

The new year has also brought with it a change to our Presidency, seeing our much respected and long term outgoing President Charlene Matheson moving on to an important, well deserved role within our National. In her new role, Charlene will be overseeing and planning many of the festivities associated with the celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of The Winnipeg General Labour Strike of 1919.

Replacing Charlene in the role of Local President is myself, Joel Zillman. I bring with me greater than 15 years of Union experience as a Shop Steward, Plant and Bargaining committee co-chair and former Local Vice-President.

With new leadership comes new eyes and different visions. Our goal for the near future is an increased focus on education. With knowledge comes power. Our most powerful tool is a well educated and well informed workforce. I strongly encourage any and all members with questions about your Union or interests in pursuing an education to contact me directly.

In the name of educating our members, this March, Local 830 will be attending the annual Mel Myers Labour Conference. This conference has proven itself to be one of the greatest learning opportunities we have as a Local each year and as such, we have decided to bring 16 people to continue their Union education. This number is higher than usual but really emphasizes our dedication to enlightening our members. There will be a 3day introduction to Stewards and Grievance handling course taking place in May this year. We hope and intend to send a total of 9 members to this course, furthering our goal. We are also very proud to announce a new Women’s Advocate in the workplace. Brianna Black will be embarking on her journey this March, to become the Women’s Advocate in her workplace(WINPAK). Having this language is something we should all be very proud of. My hat is off to Brianna for taking on this incredibly difficult, yet important role. Thank You Brianna.

The executive of the Local are also working together to put on a “What is Your Union” course designed for everyone in the workplace, not just aspiring stewards. Come out and learn about your Union, why is it important, who are your executives, where do your dues go, etc. Stay tuned for more info on when this course will be ready.

All members are encouraged to become active in your Union. Whether you are looking for an education, you want to ask a question or you just want to attend a meeting to see what we are all about, I hope to see you soon.

Joel Zillman